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Astrid (Elisabeth Degen) is an artist and lives alone in Cologne. Her father Wolf (Michael Degen) lives near Cologne and suffers from senile dementia. Again and again he disappears and does things.

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In 1682, a cruel mayor named Hermann Cothmann was wreaking havoc in the Lippe
town of Lemgo. Seemingly indiscriminately, numerous citizens were accused of witchcraft, tortured, sentenced and burned at the stake.


Anna und Mr Goethe

Anna drowns her childhood trauma of sexual abuse in alcohol. During her lonely wanderings through the streets of Berlin, Goethe's
literature is her only source of security.

Production: CrazyKat Productions


The Istanbul hills

The film tells the stories of the garbage collectors of Istanbul, who daredevilly rush down the hills with their carts and duck behind the huge sacks, as if they offer protection from separation, war and the loss of their homeland.

Production: Agîr Media