Film production

We produce feature films and documentations. Therefore we are always right on the forefront of progress. Via life channels before filming, the viewer is already present.

Virtual Cinema

With Kinoflimmern we are revolutionising the video-on-demand market, because at our company the cinemas also benefit.


We create grant applications on the customer's behalf and provide consultation.


All this can only be achived because we are not relying on mass goods. We love and live films.

Our philosophy

Film production

For us films are no mass goods. Every audiovisual work has to show passion. A message. Love. Therefore we only produce projects that carry our full guarantee. But we also know that this is only possible if one invests one's complete available time. But we also know that this is only possible if one invests one's complete available time. Furthermore only if you can make a living from it. Hence we have specialised in alternative forms of financing films aside the mainstream. Additionaly we take over the utilization in Long-Tail with our company ourselves.


Film distribution

Kinoflimmern prefers to sign contracts with the filmmakers themselves. As a result we are able to get movie gems which you cannot watch anywhere else. But you will also find independent movies which were only screened for a short time in the cinema on Kinoflimmern, with more than 800 titles by now. Kinoflimmern obliged itself not to involve more than one entity for the utilization of the movie between filmmakers and you as movie lovers. By this we guarantee that you do not have to pay more than on other platforms. Your money ends up with the people that really matter: with the filmmakers. That way you help with every purchase and ensure the quality of the future independent-cinema.

We are taking another step, though: With Kinoflimmern we are pushing forward the development of the online services, but we are also protecting the room "cinema". We have established ourselves as a VoD platform for independent movies, where you can support your favourite cinema with every purchased stream. We also broadcast cinema premieres and interviews via livestream. For the cinemas we have designed a sophisticated participation scheme. Naturally the share of the cinemas will not go at the expense of the filmmakers. You see: sometimes a change of the view of all those who are participating is enough.

All of this is SWP


Sodawasser Pictures

Our film production is the groundwork laid by SWP. With Sodawasser Pictures we live digitalization. You can join us online from the making of the film until its utalzation.



Our Video On Demand platform offers both independent and established filmmakers the opportunity to exploit their films at fair conditions and to present them live. Simultaneously local cinemas are supported with many actual movie streams!


Guerilla Kino

We love cinema, we need cinema and we want to breathe new life into the cinema. Our series of events sponsored by the City of Cologne is the newest venture of the SWP family and yet one of the biggest!



The flea market for vintage articles of evera kind. Outside of the field of action we live out our hobby to preserve last century's treasures. You can become a part of it!

Our partners

We work in close contact our partners
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